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What to do with all the paper?

October 7, 2007

If your house is anything like mine you have a lot of paper arriving in your mailbox on a daily basis.  What do you do with it all?  We get catalogues, magazines, some invitations, and bills. My husband likes to spread all the mail out on the kitchen counter into its different categories.  I come along and take the different piles to their various homes.  Magazines go to magazine holders, catalogues I want I look through and tear out the page which might have something for me to order the rest I recycle, invitations are responded to and then posted on the bulleting board and bills – well, bills are put into a mail basket until they get paid.  Tell me what you do with all your mail….. any different systems? 

Your First Home

October 5, 2007

What did your first home look like?  Was moving easy?  Did you know where to put your things?  My first home – away from my parents – was a small apartment.  I was able to find some furniture in my parents storage unit that they no longer wanted so I didn’t have to buy as much stuff to furnish it.  I hung some pictures on the wall but it did not have to homey feeling I was looking to create.  I’d love to hear some stories about how you went about creating your first home.

Moving days

October 5, 2007

Moving to a new city – country is really stressful.  Moving across town to a new home can be just as stressful.  Is there any way to be prepared?  Can you (the person moving) minimize the stress to your family by anticipating the chaos and disorder?  I’d love to know your thoughts – stories.

Hello world!

October 5, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!