Receipts – take them or not

Recently, I have noticed, when I pay for an item at a store the person accepting my payment asks this question ‘Do you want you receipt?’  I always answer ‘Yes!’ So, yesterday when I was paying for a haircut and the woman asked me that question I asked ‘Does anyone ever say no?’ The cashier told me that most people do not want the receipt. Her answer really surprised me and I indicated that. My question was ‘ how do you track your expenditures without the receipt?’ The cashier told me that she never takes a receipt. She tracks her expenses online. I track my expenses online also but I enter my expenses in a money management system. I don’t wait for it to show up in my bank or credit card account online. I take a pro-active approach by entering the expense as it occurs. The cashier’s point was that a person saves paper by not taking the receipt and it shows up eventually online in the account regardless. I understand her point and I think I could say no to a receipt if I took a moment and recorded the transaction in my smart phone so that I would know how much to enter in my money management program when I returned home. BUT that seems like a lot of work to me. It is easier for me to take the receipt and follow my routine. Additionally, I think taking a receipt prompts me to remember to track my expenses. If you don’t take a receipt how do you remember what you have spent? Do you wait until the end of the month when your statement arrives in your e-mail box to find out if you are staying within your budget? I would love to know what you think about this.

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One Response to “Receipts – take them or not”

  1. Jonda Beattie Says:

    I always take the receipt and every week I take all the receipts out of my wallet and record them.
    Not every purchase is a charge. How do you keep up with cash expenditures? I throw these receipts away as soon as I record them.
    After I record my charge receipts I hold on to the paper receipt until I reconcile my charge statement. Also while the item is fresh in my mind, I know the category (food, gift, etc.) it would fall into and note that for budget purposes.

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