Earlier in May I was honored to have my garden included in the Atlanta Botanical Garden Tour of Gardens. There were 11 gardens on the tour and those who bought tickets could visit the gardens over the course of two days. As you might imagine I worked really hard (as did our landscape designer – Marcia Weber and her crew) to make our garden the best it could be for the tour. The weather worked against us as it was unseasonably hot in April which forced many plants to bloom earlier than usual. While I admit the roses were not at peak and the azaleas had already come and gone my garden looked really great! The Saturday of the tour was a beautiful day. We had over 1400 people visit our garden. I was outside for part of the time with my dog, Miles. I answered questions if someone wanted to know the name of a plant or how long we’d been working to create the garden.

The truth is that I’m always working in the garden. Some days I do a little weeding or a little clipping. Sometimes I add plants to an area I think needs more color or just more. Sometimes I just walk around and admire one area or another and think to myself ‘Good Job!’ There is always something to do in the garden. The plants grow as do the weeds. I admit that I can’t do it all myself. Marcia Weber’s team is terrific! I do what I can and they help me with the rest.

Maintenance organizing is a bit like maintaining a garden. Sometimes all is takes is a little time to put a few things back where they belong. Sometimes it’s necessary to re-organize a space – move some things around, redefine the use of the space and what can be put there. Maybe you can’t do it all by yourself. Perhaps you need to ask a professional for assistance. There are many reasons to seek assistance from a professional organizer. As a trained professional we can be completely objective. We offer solutions and can provide strategies to make maintaining a system easier. Since life isn’t static and since circumstances change (just like the plants in my garden grow) maintenance is a key component to staying organized in your home.

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One Response to “Maintenance”

  1. Jeanne rogers Says:

    Hi Diane
    Your article is great. Just like sitting and talking with you.
    Thought provokingvand ever do true. Wish we lived closer. Been renovating and cleaning out since January. It was and still is a big job. It all paid off as my house sold in 24 hours. Now foe the final one more time through it all and the ever so famous “inventory “.
    I’m sure you remember our Singapore experience! “GIGGLES”
    You are an amazing woman and professional at whatvyou do. I know this first hand.
    Thoughts to you

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