Now What? How Much Is Enough?

I’d like to start a conversation about what enough means to you. How do you know when there is enough of something?

Well, sometimes the container defines enough. Take a glass, for instance. When you go to fill it with water you know you have poured enough water as the level of the water reaches the rim of the glass. If you get all the way to the very tippy top of the glass you know you won’t be able to lift the glass to drink out of it. It’s too full, there’s too much water.

A bowl, a plate, a pot are all similar in that the size of the container defines how much you can put inside.
These are easy concepts, right? But what about our closets and clothes?

I’d like you to think of your closet as a container – a defined space. Only so much will fit inside. Intellectually we all know this to be true. Yet we cram as much as we possibly can inside. So much that the hangers don’t always fit in well and the clothes become bunched up. Sometimes there are so many clothes to put away and no room for them that they find homes on the floor, on the back of chairs, doors, and in doorways. How do we figure out how many clothes are enough?

I have a few strategies for you to use to keep your clothes collection manageable.

First, let’s talk about your clothes. Are you keeping some because they hold marvelous memories of a great time you had while wearing them? Would you ever consider wearing them again? If so, great – keep them. If not, then take a picture of the clothes, remove them from your closet, and put them aside to donate. Someone else can benefit from them.

Next, are there any clothes hiding in the back of your closet. Perhaps you aren’t wearing them because they are either too big or too small. Maybe you’re thinking that one day you’ll be that size again. Well, maybe you’re right. You may be that size again one day but when that day comes these clothes will probably not be in style. Please remove those clothes from your closet and put them aside for donation.

Now, take a hard look at your clothes. How many pairs of black slacks do you need? I suspect you want to have different kinds of black slacks – dressy, work, and knock around. How many of each kind do you need? How many can you wear at one time?

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a pair to wear, a pair in the wash, and a pair ready for the next day. So, that makes three. This holds true for many articles of clothing that you need on a regular basis.

Think about this and decide how much is enough for you.

Now that you’ve removed the extra items from your closet you have room to get your hanging clothes organized!

I’ll give you some great closet organizing strategies next week. In the meantime, take an inventory of the clothes you’ve removed from your closet, take a picture of the pile and attach it to the inventory, then take your donation to your favorite charity. Be sure to attach the donation receipt to your inventory!

Reward yourself for a job well done!

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7 Responses to “Now What? How Much Is Enough?”

  1. Nacho Eguiarte Says:

    Diane, looking the closet as a container with a finite amount of space for clothes is a very good way to know how much will fit in it. Taking that as foundation will become more easy to manage the garments, knowing that every piece will have a respectable amount of space avoiding wrinkles.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. naowpcom Says:

    Reblogged this on nachorganizablog and commented:
    ¿Ahora Qué? ¿Cuánto es suficiente? un post de Diane Quintana acerca de cuánta ropa es suficiente #closet #organización

  3. Jonda Beattie Says:

    Great blog!

  4. theseanamethod Says:

    I like the idea of thinking of your closet being a container, and that containers have boundaries. Sometimes it is tough to decide how much to keep, and letting your physical space guide your decisions can be very helpful!

  5. Janet Barclay (@JanetBarclay) Says:

    I’ve read that if you wouldn’t buy it today, you shouldn’t keep it, but that seems a bit drastic! If I got rid of everything I wouldn’t buy today, I would definitely have to go shopping very soon! 🙂

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