Is It Spring?

Spring Cleaning

Is it feeling like Spring where you live? Here in Atlanta it’s looking a lot like Spring is just around the corner. We’ve had a couple of beautiful sunny days. It was even warm enough over the weekend to enjoy a picnic in the park!

The days are longer, the sunshine brighter and all that makes me long to get out in the garden and play in the dirt. However, it’s not quite time to do that so I’m going to use the brighter light and longer days to my advantage inside the house.

In other words, it’s time for me to do some Spring cleaning! Yup, this brighter light points out the need to get back in the corners and under the furniture to get the little dust bunnies that can hide when the light isn’t quite so bright.

Just in case you also feel inclined to do some spring cleaning I’ve put together a list of things you might consider doing. Remember Spring is a season. It lasts about 3 months. If you break down this list and do a little each week by the time summer rolls around you will be done with your cleaning and ready to spend more time outside. You can also delegate some items on this list to other members of your family!

  1. Remove and vacuum window screens
  2. Wipe the window sills before you replace the screens
  3. Wash windows
  4. Clean baseboards
  5. Move the furniture and clean under it
  6. Decide what to do (toss, recycle, donate or put away) with the things you find under the furniture
  7. Put the furniture back
  8. Dust floor registers and other vent covers
  9. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
  10. Air out mattress pads and small area rugs
  11. Sort through winter clothes and donate any that don’t fit or that you didn’t wear
  12. Check your smoke detector/carbon monoxide monitor to make sure they are working. Put in fresh batteries if they are battery operated.
  13. Check your fire extinguishers
  14. Take them to your local fire station to be recharged if necessary

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4 Responses to “Is It Spring?”

  1. Linda Samuels Says:

    I can’t wait for Spring to arrive! I’m starting to notice green stems breaking through the earth. Flowers come next. Scarves and heavy coats go away. Sunny, longer days are the norm. And yes…some spring cleaning too. Some yard work, some interior work. It’s all such a happy, positive time of year.

    And…I can’t wait to visit Atlanta soon for the NAPO conference. It’s going to be great!

  2. Sabrina Quairoli Says:

    In the Philadelphia area, spring is not quite here yet. But, I am so looking forward to doing some spring cleaning. This time of year, I created a checklist to help me stay on top of all my spring cleaning chores. It works great. Thanks for sharing your list.

  3. On Task Organizing (@OnTaskOrg) Says:

    Great Spring cleaning tips! I love the idea of breaking the tasks down and doing a little each week. You’re right, Spring is a season and lasts 3 months, there’s no reason to try to do all of the Spring cleaning in a day or two!

  4. TheSeanaMethod Says:

    I switch out a few decorative items as well (e.g. the kitchen curtains), and I take this opportunity to clean in places I otherwise ignore:)

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