Procrastinating is a habit!

I’ve been talking about habits and routines recently – although I took a break from this topic a couple of weeks ago to get on my soap box and talk about trash! Anyway, procrastination is one of the worst habits to adopt.

do it - procrastination concept

Think about it. Procrastinating is a habit. If you have a list of things you want to do and you have nothing in particular going on and nothing on your list is accomplished what happened? You found other things to do that were not on your list. You procrastinated, put off getting things done that you indicated on your list you wanted to do.

Let’s talk about this habit.

First of all, admit that procrastinating is a choice. Just like everything you do is a choice. You can choose to browse through your Facebook feed, watch television, read a book, play in the garden, needlepoint, watch a movie, putter about or whatever and be totally entertained for hours or you can choose to do a task from your list.

Next, go through your to-do list and estimate how long it will take you to complete each task. Write down the estimated length of time next to each item.

Now think about your available time.

Then rank your to-do list. Is there any task that is absolutely important to do today?

O.k. now, think about fun things.

Reward yourself for completing most – let’s say 80% – of your to-do list with a fun activity. What will you choose to do?

You can avoid procrastination by talking yourself out of it – if that’s what you want to do. It’s your choice.

Do you want to accomplish something that’s on your list today?

Decide what time will work with your schedule to tackle that task and, at the appointed time, go ahead and do it!

Remember procrastinating is a choice. Just like taking action is a choice. It’s up to you!

Write me back and let me know what you decided and how you’ll reward yourself!

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8 Responses to “Procrastinating is a habit!”

  1. TheSeanaMethod Says:

    I find that I actually procrastinate less when I have a lot to do. Somehow, my mind knows that I have to act now, that I can’t put something off because I won’t have time to do it. On days when I have less to do, or my time is less structured, I am more likely to avoid starting a task.

  2. Linda Samuels Says:

    Procrastination can happen for so many reasons…overwhelm being possibly the number one reason. Sometimes we’re just not sure what to do next or the tasks seem so daunting. It can also help to have a “partner” or “buddy” to help get going. And once you’re moving forward, that momentum can push us past the procrastination phase.

  3. Sabrina Quairoli Says:

    While I work with clients every day, I still have to do tasks for my blogs so I allocate about an hour or two a day for maintenance of those tasks. I do what I can and then move on. However, when I need to do more tasks like update posts and images, I use my Friday midday to do this. It makes me feel like my week has been productive and not just busy work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Janet Barclay Says:

    If I tackle the thing I don’t want to do first, it usually ends up being not as bad as I expected, and even better, it’s out of the way!

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