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Home Inventory

March 1, 2017

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One of the best ways to prepare for a disaster at home is to have a complete home inventory. Do you have an inventory of the contents of your home? Have you ever thought about taking or making such an inventory and then immediately stopped because the thought of all the work involved paralyzed you? You know that an inventory is the absolute best way to prove what your house contains in case of theft, fire, flood, tornado or any other disaster. I do understand that the creation of an inventory is a ton of work! I had to handwrite my first inventory back in 1979 since my husband’s job required us to submit a complete inventory when we were moving to Thailand. Imagine handwriting something such as that! Wow!! Even now I shudder at the thought. As the years went on and we moved from place to place technology allowed me to put our inventory in a spread sheet and then there was a program created for just such a purpose.

The program I use now is very flexible. It is called HomeZada. It does so much more than just keep track of your household furnishings. When you are ready to do the inventory, it allows you to take a picture of the item, identify what room it is in, put the date purchased and from where – if you know that information and if it is a valuable item (sentimental or expensive) you can even say who should receive it upon your death. Additionally, you can scan the receipt for the item so you have an accurate record of the date of purchase and how much it cost. You can also take a picture of a room and identify the built-in pieces of cabinetry.

I also love the fact that this program allows you to record the maintenance of appliances and keep track of home improvements. No more searching for that information. You don’t need to wonder when the HVAC was last serviced or your home last painted. The information is right there at your fingertips. If you’re planning to sell your home, you can easily retrieve the documents which identify the improvements you’ve made to your home.

Since this program is cloud based you will be able to retrieve all the information from any computer anywhere in the world. So, if disaster should strike and your home was destroyed you would be able to show an insurance adjuster photos of all that your home contained. No guessing involved.

This is real peace of mind. What a relief. Even better the program is easy to use. I recommend tackling a home inventory project the way you would any other large project – a little at a time. You could enter the information one room at a time. Or, if you decided this was simply too much for you to contemplate you can hire a professional organizer to do the original data entry for you. This is a service I offer as do other professional organizers.

 I recommend updating the information once a year, or as you trade out furniture or complete a home improvement project. It is very important to keep your home inventory information current as stale information defeats the purpose.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about the HomeZada home inventory program and how I may be able to with a home inventory project. Check out their website:


Closet Organization

May 22, 2012

Do you practice what you preach? I do. Some people give great advice but then don’t apply it to themselves. Recently I decided it was time to reorganize my closet.  When clients ask me about organizing their closet I ask them a few questions….

1. Are there clothes in your closet that don’t fit?

2. If the clothes are too big is it worth the alteration cost to have them fitted?

3. Are there clothes that you haven’t worn for more than one season?

4. Are there items that you simply don’t like?

This past weekend I asked myself these questions. I removed all the clothes that didn’t fit. A few items I put in a pile to take to the seamstress. Then I took a hard look at the rest of the clothes in my closet. There were a few things that I had purchased on a whim, had never worn, and will never wear. Those clothes went into my give away pile. That was hard for me – those clothes were brand new, still with tags, but they were doing me no good hanging in my closet since I was clearly not going to wear them! Lesson to self, do not buy clothes on a whim!

There were a few sentimental dresses. One was the dress my mother had worn at my wedding (almost 34 years ago!). When I was cleaning out my mother’s closet last year I saw that dress and kept it. I thought I might wear it at my son’s wedding last June but it just didn’t look right on me. I kept the dress but it and others with memories were now taking up too much valuable real estate in my closet and I decided that it was time for someone else to make good memories wearing them.

Finally, I inventoried the clothes I was giving away and put them in my car along with the clothes that needed some alterations. A little while later (after a much deserved lunch) I went to the seamstress. I tried on the clothes I thought could be altered. The seamstress agreed with me on some things and told me others were not worth the cost. Those items were added to the clothing inventory.

My next stop was Goodwill. I am happy to know that these clothes (some used, some brand new) would find new homes. When I returned home I gave myself a reward – an hour reading a book outside in my garden! The first step in my closet reorganization had been completed!. After my reward I moved on to the second and final step. Sometimes it’s a good idea to do these steps on different days. I was on a roll and wanted to really complete this project. The next step also involves answering some questions. They are:

1. Can you easily find the item of clothing you are looking for?

2. Do you like to have all your shirts (blouses) together or do you like to sort them by sleeve length and then by color?

3. Is it easier to keep the suits (jacket and slacks) or (jacket and skirt) on the same hanger?

4. Do you want to separate “knock around” clothes from work clothes?

5. Do you need different hangers?

Once I had answered these questions (and to be honest, my closet was almost exactly the way I wanted it) I moved a few things around. I determined it is easier for me to have the jackets with the jackets and not to have them paired with either skirts or slacks to make a suit. I like to mix and match my outfits so, for me, it was more effort to separate the suits when they were put together that way. It took me another hour or so to finish tweaking my closet. I worked hard but it was worth the effort. My project is finished. I can find what I am looking for in my closet. AND I had accomplsihed my goal to reorganize my closet and that was a wonderful feeling!