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Do You Ever Feel Like A Hamster?

September 28, 2016

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I’ve been talking about moving and changing routines the past few blogposts. I was going to say weeks but I know I haven’t been posting every week – life has been getting in the way.  That leads me to the title of my blogpost this week.

Do you ever feel like a hamster? I’m not talking about a hamster who is idly nibbling on a carrot or a piece of apple. I’m talking about a hamster who is stuck in a wheel. No matter how fast or how long the hamster runs he never gets out of the wheel – until he steps jumps off.

Well, that’s how I’m feeling these days. No matter how much I do or what I change I can’t seem to catch up to the point that I feel in control. This might (you know it does) have something to do with the fact that I sometimes (often) take on many challenges at once.

Have you ever felt this way? Like there’s simply too much on your plate?

I want to tell you how I plan to get on top of all that I have going on. Maybe you can apply some of these strategies to your sense of overwhelm.

1.      Make a comprehensive list of all I have going on

a.      Chores

b.      Volunteer responsibilities

c.      Home improvement wants and needs

d.      Business responsibilities

e.      Hobbies

2.      Under each category make notes about the next steps to take – for example

a.      Errands to run

b.      Tasks to complete before the end of the year

3.      Get out my calendar

a.      Prioritize the tasks

b.      Schedule time in my calendar to complete the tasks

4.      Make a daily list of the things I want to accomplish

a.      Refer to may calendar

b.      Take into account appointments

c.      Remember to schedule time to exercise

d.      Also take time to relax

I know I will be able to jump off this hamster wheel I’m on when I take control of all these things that I have going on.

How about you? How will you regain control and jump off the hamster wheel?

Work/Life Balance?

February 20, 2012

There’s been alot of buzz about work/life balance recently.  From what I read, there seems to be this quest for a perfect alignment of energy devoted to work and energy devoted to other endeavors. I do not believe that such a thing exists. Have you ever played on a see-saw? If you haven’t, perhaps you know what one looks like and can imagine what it would be like. A see-saw is rarely perfectly balanced and if it is completely level it’s because both children are approximately the same size and weight and both are able to touch the ground gently in order to maintain that balance. Phew! alot of work goes into creating that perfect balance, which probably lasts for a millisecond. If it’s so hard to balance a see-saw why do people expect that there should be a balance between their work life and their home life?

Let’s go back to the see-saw for a second and look at this in a slightly different way. When children are having fun playing on a see-saw one end is up and the other is down. Of course, there are the moments when the see-saw is balanced in the middle – brief moments. Maybe that is the way to look at the quest for balance between work and home activities. Sometimes, home gets a little more attention and sometimes work. Instead of striving for a perfect balance why not go for a give and take approach? Understanding that there are instances when scheduling work related activities take priority over home activities as there are times when the home life will be top priority. I believe that when you make peace with that concept and accept that there can not ever be a perfect balance you end up creating your own harmony between the two concepts – work activities and home or other activitiees. Isn’t that what this is really about anyway? Creating a feeling of harmony in your life so that you can do your work and have time for the other things in your life that fulfill you.